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Securely apply for your finance facility online.

Our finance calculator below is for your convenience, please enter the capital amount you which to finance and the calculator will automatically give you the various terms and options. After completion you are welcome to complete our secure online finance application process or download the application form to complete manually.

Please note that rental payments are calculated on the highest possible factor, upon approval and depending on your capital amount the rental payments offered might be reduced. Please take your total capital amount excluding VAT and insert above, our calculator will give you the various options including options that are calculated with annual escalation.

Annual escalation might be a good financial decision for start-up or growing companies, also for established companies looking to upgrade during the rental period. All payments are linked to prime interest rate, 0% escalation per annum rentals will remain constant and only fluctuate according to prime rate whilst 5-15% escalation rates will start off with a lower repayment and increase annually by the escalation percentage on the anniversary of the agreement.

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